4WD Centre

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4260B-0K010 Cover S A Shell Hub
Code: 1

42603-0K060 Ornament S A Wheel
Code: 2

52105-0K021 Bumper S-Assy, RR(Flat)
Code: 3

52112-0K110 Front Bumper Extension RH
Code: 4

52112-0K150 Rear Bumper Corner Rubber 2011 RH
Code: 5

52113-0K070 Front Bumper Extension LH
Code: 6

52113-0K140 Rear Bumper Corner Rubber 2011 LH
Code: 7

52119-0K981 Front Bumper 2011
Code: 8

52159-0K010 Rear Bumper Center Rubber
Code: 9

52163-0K010 Rear Bumper Corner Rubber RH
Code: 10

52164-0K010 Rear Bumper Corner Rubber LH
Code: 11

53341-0K010 Insulator Hood
Code: 12

75473-0K021 Plate, Body Side Name
Code: 13

81130-0K180 Unit Assy, Headlamp RH
Code: 14

81130-0K370 Head Lamp Unit Vigo 2011
Code: 15

81170-0K180 Unit Assy, Headlamp LH
Code: 16

81170-0K370 Head Lamp Unit Vigo 2011
Code: 17

81210-0K021 Fog Lamp with Bracket, RH
Code: 18

81210-0K080 Fog Lamp ASsy, RH
Code: 19

81211-0D070 Fog Lamp 2011 (RH)
Code: 20